Going for the Green

The Advantage of Building Green

The city of L.A. gives preferential treatment to those who want to build green. Green Building is a high performance building that is built to exceed the minimum requirements of the building code, especially in the areas of indoor environmental quality and resource efficiency (including energy, water, materials, and land). Some of the Green Building design goals are to:
• Conserve natural resources;
• Preserve natural vegetation;
• Contain non-toxic or recycled-content building materials;
• Maintain good indoor quality;
• Provide flexible interiors;
• Provide recycling facilities;
• Recycle construction and demolition waste; and
• Include access to public transportation
LADBS is offering Priority Plan Check (to be given priority in assigning to a plan check engineer ahead of all other plans for which off-hour fees were not paid) for qualifying Green Building projects. Priority Plan Check service will expedite the start of the plan check work that will be performed during regular hours for your Green Building project. To qualify, the following items must be met:
• The project must be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC); and
• The project has been designated “Silver” or higher rating per Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating guideline; and
• The project has a minimum of 33 points per the latest version of “Registered Project Checklist,” published by USGBC.
Registration information and the rating guides are available at the USGBC website at:

For more information about priority plan check of green buildings, please contact the structural plan check supervisor at your local LADBS center.


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