Do I Have It?

Clearly testing for Covid, and especially a positive test, helps determine what your next move is in these uncertain times. But a negative test one day does not mean you’re negative tomorrow and it may take some time to get result back. So this all still boils down to “are you sick?” If you are not sick then it’s probably not helpful to be tested unless you are caring for someone who is high risk and perhaps you have otherwise been exposed. If you have strong evidence you have been exposed and you could put others at risk then get tested. Otherwise, you should stay at home and avoid going out even for testing. If you are sick and it’s uncertain what the cause is then talk with your doctor to determine what your next move should be.

Here’s a map of COVID-19 testing sites in L.A. County


Take A Deep Breath

I know, taking a deep breath seems dangerous during these times, but it’s precisely what we all need to do…six feet apart of course. Covid days are here and will be with us for awhile, but they will end. Take a deep breath and visualize the day when it will be all okay. In the meantime, take little sips of knowledge to help take away the anxiety of the situation. Somebody recently asked me if it was okay to eat food that was not prepared by them…they wanted an In and Out burger, but feared it might be loaded with virus sauce. So far there are no recorded cases of food transmission of covid…eating live bats in Wuhan not advisable still:

So, there you have it. One less thing to worry about. Bon appetite…veggie style encouraged.

I Will Be More Than A Little Late

If you had a sense that traffic seems to have gotten worse then your sense makes sense. The metro, while well used, has done nothing to make traffic lighter. Well, it’s October and it’s 80 degrees and people in less favorable environs have been watching the Dodgers playing under those sunny skies. Three percent of those people have packed their cars and are headed here. You’ll see them on the freeway next to you soon:


Bliss Me LA River

LA River Goes National

There was a great piece on the LA River on CBS Morning show this AM. Now is your time to connect to the river:

click pic to get to piece…

LA River Kayaking



LA River: The Trip of a Lifetime

Here is the route and the general information:

The river program runs during daylight hours until Labor Day (September 2) and anyone can access the river free of charge for a Class I river rapids ride that will take about 2 ½ hours.

Only non-motorized, steerable boats – like kayaks and canoes – are permitted on the river…no innertubes et al

The route:

the trip










You will need two cars – one at put-in near Rattlesnake Park and one at take-out at Confluence Park.

More info:

Want to take a guided tour?

LA River Open For Pleasure

Use at your own pleasure


The LA River opened today for kayakers and other river types and, well, that’s a pretty darn amazing thing. Just a few years ago folks who tried to use the river were cited/ticket/arrested – it was ugly. But common sense has prevailed. While what happened to the LA River is at best unconscionable, it is better to look forward than look back. Someday, soon, Angelenos will be able to head on down to the river and, and while respecting the natural and built environment, have some fun.  If you want to get baptized this summer then visit the good people at to arrange your dipping.

LA River Hootenanny

C’mon people, get it together. We is having an LA River Hootenanny supreme this Friday night at the House of Blues at 830 and we need your good spirits. Brannigan’s Law and Twin (arrested for going down the LA River two years ago) will be laying it down and others will be playing it up. More info here:




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