Helping Children In Need

The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of homeless and at-risk youth and their families in Los Angeles by helping homeless families move into new homes, by providing a year-round Life-Learning Center for their children, a Summer Camp Enrichment Program for them and an additional 2,200 at-risk children, and other programs that bring children, families and the community together.

These programs and camps are offered to at-risk and homeless youth from the ages of infancy through 17. Since the summer of 1993, The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation brought to the Circle X Ranch in Malibu, (a National Park Site), over 27,500 children, teens and their parents, and over 2,200 during the past 2005 Camp Enrichment Season, for a program called the Spring and Summer Camp Enrichment Program. These children arrive from shelters, missions, Boys and Girls Clubs, foster care homes, elementary and high schools, churches and other fine organizations dealing with at-risk youth. Three additional programs, “Adopt-A-Family,” “Project Angel Wings” and “Kids Helping Kids” offer extensive outreach to the most needy of the youth’s families, while the new Learning Center will focus exclusively on a smaller group of at-risk children, to mentor and tutor them through to college age.
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