Viva Mulholland?

Either you bring the water to L.A. or you bring L.A. to the water
LA would not be LA without our imported water. LA’s growth was maxing out at the turn of the century because LA did not have enough of the wet stuff. Until the early 1900s the LA River was our sole source of water. LA was founded near downtown…not near the ocean, because downtown was where the freshwater was. LA basically exists because of the LA River. The 11 families who founded Los Angeles constructed the city’s first water system, a brush “toma” or dam across the LA river. This dam diverted water to the Zanja Madre, or mother ditch, which fed irrigation canals in their adjacent fields and to other smaller ditches to supply drinking water. This worked for twenty years or so then the demand for water outstripped the supply.
Then Mulholland…you know, the guy the street is named after…., a city engineer, crafted a plan to bring water in from the Owens Valley (near Mammoth) via an aqueduct. The LA aqueduct, completed in 1913, changed the water landscape of LA and helped turn it into the megalopolis it now is. Read more about him and how he shaped LA here:,0,6150147.story

Cycling Episode

Worried about cycling in LA? Consider the following….


Grow Your Own

Can You Dig It?

Spring has sprung and many are getting their gardens on.  There are probably few better things you can do for yourself and for LA than growing your own fruits and vegetables.  While many in LA do not have access to dirt, and some of the dirt that people do have access to is pretty dirty, there are still plenty of other gardening options.  We are indeed fortunate in LA to have many community gardens.  There are approximately 70 community gardens in Los Angles County, serving 3,900 families.  Community gardens are a special type of park: they are open to all who apply, but they are self-maintained and self-policed by the membership.  Unlike most parks, community gardens occupy three categories of land: private land with short-term leases, public land with short-term leases, and garden-owned land.  

If your community wants to build a community garden, the LA Community Garden Council will help you do it yourself.  There are several non-profit organizations that build community gardens side-by-sice with a garden club, church, or school.  A patchwork of private, federal and city funding has been used to build community gardens since 1996.

For more info about community gardens please visit

Let It Flow, Sis and Bro

You know I love that river and Lisa Boyle has written an excellent article that lets you know where it has been and where it is headed.  It all started with the river and as long as the river keeps flowing so will we.

Attend an LA River event this weekend.

Safe Cycling Is Da Best Cycling, Mon

We all need to get places and getting there on bike is starting to make more sense every day.  Cycling can be a safe mode of transportation – certainly safer than texting and driving – but stuff does happen.  Fran Pavley, Julia Brownley and Safe Moves ( are hosting a biclycle safety event on May 7th at Will Rogers State Park from 11 to 2.

Get Your Bike On!

The LA River Dog Has No Bite

He Just Barks A lot

I went to municipal court today in Van Nuys to support my Canadian friends who were cited for loitering by the LAPD in February for being in and around the LA River.  Fortunately and unfortunately the case was dropped.  So thousands of dollars and hours of time and pieces of six souls were burned up because the City of LA doesn’t know what to do when it comes to the LA River: “Hey, there is someone in the river, Chief. What do you want us to do? Go down there and write them one of those meaningless tickets…teach them a lesson?” What kind of a message does this behavior send to the thousands of Canadian tourists that come to LA every year? I know that people like to make fun of Canadians, but we Angelenos are the joke when it comes to the river. So, it appears, as suspected, there is no law that prohibits people from going in the LA River. Case solved. Paddle on safely, amigos.

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