C’est La Vie Plastique

AB 1998 heads for vote to the California Senate this week and when it passes -it still needs your pressure to pass – it will forever change how us Californian’s retail.  After July 1, 2011 stores will be prohibited from providing a plastic carryout bag to a customer.  The bill would require a store, on and after July 1, 2011 to either make reusable bags available for purchase by the customer or provide a paper carryout bag that is subject to the green bag fee that would be imposed by the bill.
The bill would require a store to charge a green bag fee of not
less than $0.25 for each paper carryout bag distributed at the point
of sale.  The bill would establish the Paper Bag Pollution Cleanup
Fund in the State Treasury and would require a store to remit these
fees, less a specified amount, to the State Board of Equalization for
deposit in that fund.
The bill would…wait a second…this is getting too boring…
Here’s the bottom line: If you want to help make single use bags and their inherent problems go away then go to the Heal the Bay website and follow their lead: